BFGMiner.exe A virus?

I downloaded BFGMiner and it my antivirus freaked out, flagged it as a virus and deleted it.

Probably is or was infected. You really can’t mine LTC with just BFGMiner, if legit, on a laptop anymore. If such still do exist I’d bet 99% of the legit ones have been infected for silliness of CPU miner reasons.

CPU mining software likely scams.

GPU mining software likely scams.

ASIC mining may not be a scam, but is so when you figure electric costs.

Buy and HODL probably till after 2020. There is no mining solution of any kind at these LTC prices.


Ok, I am new to this “Miner Stuff”, but I know how to protect me. So my AV goes off, and well, I trust it. Another person says its the “heuristics” which I am well aware of, so I am taking a step back from both programs which my AV flipped out on, and after I poked around a little more, it seems like the two I was talking about are bogus. So do I return the device with a refund or do you suggest a legit miner program to use with this:

Even the vendor says the CgMiner says the program is safe, but Norton if freaking out. I don’t want my computer to contract a STD.

I think this is a copy ripoff of this

get on the gekkoscience thread on at least they can tell you the proper bfgminer build so you don’t get burnt.
I’d also use a toss away ‘never to be upgraded above’ windows XP laptop and toss Lunbuntu on it …and do the linux virusp issues. the thread on bitcointalk will help with all this.

anyway…no way to tell without a decent thread of users to back you up at least on their you could see a proper link to bfgminer and the proper version for the above (likely copied) device above.

I’d get a gekkoscience r606 for lotto mining though (1 TH) …if you are gonna have long odds at
least get something with LED’s and whily noises in the basement. It only uses 150 watts so no biggie either. I’ve yet to get mine up.

anyway, my advice to check out the links on do a google search for the threads and ask about bfgminer versions and legit windows installs and norton on those threads


all miner programs are considered to be malware…if a malicious person is connected to it…
just add the program to you “exclusions” list in the virus software…