ltcminer,us is indeed a SCAM SITE. I finally reached the minimum withdrawal amount today but when I tried to withdraw it I suddenly received a prompt hat i do not have enough balance as their system has reset my balance to 88,000. COMPLETELY A WASTE OF TIME. FAKE SITE
i tried reaching out to their support but a prompt indicates that captcha isn’t working. DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS SITE. I WASTED MY COMPUTERS POWER ON THIS FOR 2 DAYS AND NIGHTS.

It has to be some kinda of scheme but still are some have been profitable. I have done alright… not big returns or nothing like but real returns for nothing other than leaving computer on with browser open to mine. First return took 10 days after withdrawing .01 ltc since I was only using v1.0, since then I have become a v1.1 user after signing one other persone up using my referal code So before it took me 4 days to earn .01 ltc, now it takes alittle less time. For me its just taking it slow and easy… you know the saying right, lol!? Anyways thanks for reading and use my referal code please is scam. see my funds that I can’t withdraw yet.

I didn’t trust them from the very beginning. And thank God I didn’t use this…