Best LTC exchange website

Hey Guys,

i’m currently using CoinBase, and tbh i don’t really trust them that much, and i would like to change them and transfer my LTC, if i do so which exchange should i use instead ? and why ?
also is it true that all the LTC have different prices in different exchanges? if that’s true what other exchanges should i watch and use to find the highest price? also let’s say i move my LTC to a private wallet how will i buy/sell ?

waiting for your advices guys, thanks

Hi! I’m not sure if you are still looking for the exchange 2 years after posting your question. I don’t know if Binance or Kraken are operating in your country. These exchanges are quite good and trustworthy. Not long ago I’ve come across one more exchange – YunEx. On this exchange it is possible to trade USDT against LTC.

3 years later…

It seems to me that it is not so important which particular exchange to use, because all exchanges are approximately the same. Most importantly, the exchange should be at least from the top 10-20

I agree. Kraken Exchange is the best crypto exchange ever.Highly recommended.Also before trading, check out the review article at COINPEDIA.

Coinbase pro is easy and cheap to use for me, kraken is cool but I only use for ADA buys, definitely pull my crypto off the exchanges after transactions are complete

You can use best exchange in world - binance!

You can use the convenient site SwapSpace where you can exchange any coins. I have been using it for a long time and exchange coins quickly.