Best Litecoin(Script) Miner in Q4 2020?

Recently fell in love with LTC after all of these years because of the sheer persistence of this community and widespread adoption.

Now I would like to support the network, but Google is telling me that an Antminer L3++ from 2018 is the best miner available. That can’t be possible… can it?

Surely after over 2 years, someone has made a better miner. Does anyone know of any current (or near future) miners better than the L3++? I don’t really want to invest in 2+ year old tech.

I’m not new to mining, I’ve been mining for years and years, just never Scrypt.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


There is none at the present time…UNLESS…you need something for ‘heat’ like a 24/7 Space

Heater…then you at least could use it for that and get some minimal coin out of such.

Litecoin has to be well above $125 for this to work at 8c kWh…so just how it is.

My advice, ‘attic mine’ take stuff out of your attic you will otherwise ‘die’ with and sell on eBay and

covert it to Litecoin or Bitcoin or whatever. I have about $5k of crap in my attic, none of which is worth

less than $40 most of it not more…but a lot of it. That is something I should have done in 2013 when I

got into crypto. But that and maybe stuff of rummage sales on the weekend and estate sales and

flipping them on eBay would be the best use of your time, IMHO, for getting Litecoin until, (my guess)

the Fall of 2021 at the soonest…because even if LTC miners come back in a big way it is 3 months for

the platter for the 1st hopefully working ASIC chip batch, then 3 months for the prototype and then 5

months of more for Bitmain to mine the hell out of such on their own data halls first…then of course the

3 month pre-order after the fact when offered to the public. As proof now BTC miners on the Pump on

Bitcoin are pre-ordered now…overpriced by quite a bit IMHO, and for March 2021 delivery. So the

game goes. So if you want to get a miner in anticipation of a LTC or BTC or Whatever pump, there is

less risk getting the coin directly at this time. So clean out the attic is the best solution and sell on eBay

if crypto/BTC/LTC dumps…you have a clean attic = new rec room and house value goes up…if LTC goes

full FOMO…you have the rec room and all that shiny LTC and look like a genius. At this point in time,

LTC mining is for chumps, unless you are golden with free electric and/or solar. :slight_smile:

I’ve got my LTC stack, really this would just be for helping secure the network.

The attic plan sounds like a lot of work :joy: Perhaps it’s time for me to put my EE education to work, make/market my own scrypt miner. Latest miner being 2+ years old and unprofitable with all of the advances we’ve had the past 2 years, in memory in particular, is simply unacceptable to me.

The hashrate has been consistent since 2018 so if there are hidden better ASICs out there, they’re few and far between. Definitely not much shenanigans going on. Just mining stagnation… Interesting.

Market opportunity for sure :thinking:

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I’m right there with ya !! I mine to help secure the network, it’s not about profit. With that being said , there is the future bit apollo at it is much smaller than the Ant has 3 different settings but max about 140 MH/s , I use both Ant miner and the Apollo, but if you come across something better please share

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Here some resources if ya like

Not sure if your joining a pool or going solo. But rock on :metal::owl::black_heart:Ł


Decentralized mining, and those that don’t look at profit only but believe in the use case, if that classifies as a chump, then I’m ChunKn away PatNa

There is a Bitmain L5 Scrypt ASIC. Also, I think Innosilicon makes a newer miner as well. I’m still using both the L3+ & L3++ with Blissz firmware, Which you can get with the Dev fee removed on eBay. The Blissz firm ware lets you control the voltage so you can under-volt it & save a bunch of power. or crank it up to get more hash than you could just adjusting the frequency. The main difference in Scrypt from SHA-256 is that it’s a lighter algo. (Hence the name “Litecoin”). Lol! The miners don’t put off as much heat, & run a bit quieter. Now that it’s cold where I’m at, I just started mine back up.

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Interesting on the firmware, I will have to look into that, any particular reason why you haven’t gotten the updated L5? I thought that was only China based

That firmware, it’s about a dollar and some change , is that about right?

Batch 3 is now in Stock:


yup. Depending on the firmware bitmain has installed, there may be a few extra steps to install it. They tried to block 3rd party upgrades in later miners like the L3++ but theres a work around.

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You may be right? I had just never looked too hard into it yet. There were too many good deals on the L3’s before and after the halving. I would think you would be able to find a used one at this point?

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The best that I have and it is not very profitable is the Innosilicon A6+


Where’s batch 4 though? Batch 3 is even a couple of years old.

I really like the idea behind this miner, bringing it all back home… But I guarantee drastic improvements can be made in hashrate with the same power draw.

Are you affiliated with FutureBit at all? I would love to even help them create the next model. Making miners easy to do at home is how it should be, to keep the network decentralized, I’m really buying into their vision. If they can remain even partially competitive with Bitmain, people at home plugging in these lower power, easy on the eye machines… It will be a great power check on the massive farms.

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I have a batch 2 FutureBit Apollo - super low hash rate but a dependable miner and it runs a full node as well.

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