Best DEFI project to invest crypto in?

Hello everyone!
What’s in your opinion are the best DEFI projects to invest crypto in for now?

I know zip about defi coins.

Are there defi coins that have masternodes and/or staking?

completely clueless on this topic


Just started the project! Lend and borrow litecoin project!
It takes time to get europian BaFin license but we are in progress
Wish us luck!

Beware this thread! I know zip about DeFi…this whole thread makes me ‘twitchy’ …potential ‘scam wise’ and all…do your own research and due diligence! Leaving the thread up, but so far I’m not impressed. ;(


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Aren’t you judging a book from its cover?
What makes you think like that?

Not enough info on the pages on what DEFI is etc, etc,…most of the projects lack transparency and explanations from what I can tell. Unlike, back in the day when ‘crypto’ itself launches. Just some of these projects seem as ‘sketchy’ as Paycoin…with no real way to tell legit from pump and dumps. Just saying. :slight_smile:

Defi IMHO, at this time, is fairly convoluted and murky…jump in here with some links to prove me wrong…again this is my impression.


Thanks Brad
We are working hard to get the BaFin ( german authorities) license. In Germany you need to be transparent as a Bank.
Is there any concern that you have as an end user that we can avoid or add?

Q simple explanation of how defi funds are locked up and what the contracts mean etc, etc…very confusing on how the actual defi universe works. :slight_smile:

im actually in the field investor wise, made some and got rekt too. Mostly for not getting out when you’re in the money. Im working on a few projects myself, creating a community token for my facebook page with governace rights, im still in testing so lots to look forward to tho. Ive seen opportunities you cant just let slide past you, but if you see it take it.

in my case, im not waiting to catch another bus… im building the got dam thing and driving up and down the hill, thats the way the ride works. well atleast in farming and defi hasn’t proved different.

if theres one thing different about liquidity mining is that, you can make money quick so cash out. grab the bag is what i say. dump before anyone else and the pyramid is ment to launch the coin as fast as possible to the market. great setup not so much on exe. most of these projects are half ass made, but thats where the most risk gets rewarded. once the code has been audited, the apy or potential rewards vanish and so does the big money pumping the price of everything. causing a dump.

thats been the last 3 months for me 8K in the drain and im ready to do it again, this is not finacial advice. I’m just a 23 year old kid playing around with code and experimenting new tokens. Im trying to keep publishing under the name DjSatoshi
and am writing a book called Decentralized finance DeFI the story book.

the book is an ongoing project that will be a paid im not sure how i set it up yet… but here i will try to keep tabs sort of like a journal. I try and use haiku’s that don’t rhyme at all sometimes. but i try and keep it within context… so i hope thats a good read, i need to invest more into the book. as in time, and maybe turn it into an audible later.

This still in progress?
Would take a look once ready.

none of them?