Best Blockchain Wallet

The system is 100% free, only need to hold 200 LBY in your wallet on Metamask.
Now think about this people add -

Following are the best blockchain wallets of 2021

  1. Exodus

  2. Electrum

  3. Opolo

  4. MyCelium

  5. Cobo

As of today, I’ve completely fallen for Litecoin Omni aka Omnilite for Windows, 64-bit. omnilite-qt.exe runs it. It’s got all I need to work with everything on Litecoin’s network and its getting OmniBolt soon too most likely to do lightning cross-chain etc. but from “L2” Omni and not on chain to begin from blocks. I believe. Check me on that.

I use Exodus for my LTC and other cryptos and find it works well. Good UI and it’s secure most importantly.