Best "Bitcoin" VPN

Hello All,

I’d like to share a VPN i just bought with Bitcoin : Hidester VPN… I sent them an email to add litecoin support, seems like not so many site are accepting Litecoin payment so far…

Anyway, the VPN Client for Mac itself is very good and the speed from the server i am using is great.

Voila, just wanted to share about this :wink:

Tried this VPN. Must say that " Waste of Time".

I tried Hidester too since I needed a VPN server in Thailand.
Happy about the service. The Thai server wasn’t lightning fast but good enough.

Express VPN has been working well for me so far.

There are tons of “Best VPN’s” guides among the web, so check google first. Also, there is a special vpn reddit tread to discus VPN’s with lots an answers, check it as well.

Yes, this is a better one than the above suggested one. I’ve tried some of the VPNs, and Express VPN worked well for me. I think it’s a good suggestion than Hidester VPN.

Alex Dixon
Essays Chief

You can try NordVPN, this is a good one.

There are a huge number of different vpn.
I’m using CyberGhost