Barcelona (Spain) - anyone around?

Looking to connect with anyone in Barcelona to promote LTC as well as the local community

Creating a simple website of crypto and blockchain related companies and services in this city and would love to know more Litecoiners in the city.

Comment below or shoot me a PM

Currently the website is in dev - there is a Facecrap page: CryptoBarna

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Let us know when you get the website up. Sounds interesting!

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Hi, I am Dirk. Living in BCN, working in Frankfurt and new to Crypto. Bought Litecoin as i see potential. How can I support? What is your objective and how do you see the development of LTC? Why do you favor this currency? What makes LTC special compared to Bitcoin and Etherium?
Thx for feedback and it would be nice to share and support in the future also live in BCN!

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@Millaliraj @Dirk_Scherff registered the domain and have created a Discord for it (DM me for link)

cryptobarna . es

Currently I am hosting thursday & friday meetups in the city’s first CryptoBar (yes, this happened too), and building a node that can process LTC transactions for the bar (along with Lightning BTC).

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@Dirk_Scherff - unsure how to best answer your questions above… i guess an anecdote

Friend ordered a pizza to share, wanted to pay him back with crypto, tried BTC (main chain) and fees were about 50% of the small amount I was sending. Checked LTC and it was 0.017 cents to send the same amount.

This, the community, the history of our coin, and the upcoming MimbleWimble implementation make LTC an excellent cryptocurrency. It seeks to do one thing which is to be a currency, and does it well.

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That’s awesome! You should start a twitter handle and get the word out too.

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