Bank Stopped Crypto Investments

Anyone else had issues buying crypto using debit cards or bank transfers? I bought a lot of LTC, BTC, and ETH through Coinbase last year. Every now and then, it would trigger a security warning from my bank and when I spoke to them about it, they said it was because crypto was high risk and kept triggering the anti-fraud system. Not a huge issue, just a little annoying, so I ignored it.

But I have now learned that my bank has blocked crypto investments entirely and I can’t buy anymore. Seems ridiculous that such a thing could happen in 2022, especially on a platform like Coinbase.

Anyone else had issues like this? What are my alternatives? Other than joining a new bank of course.

Use paper, also dont go putting everything u have into crypto. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Uphold.Airtm Binance, Localbitcoin all offer that service.

Switch banks, I use US Bank, they allow large ACH transfers directly to Gemini exchange with no hassles. Been doing it for 4 years.

No problems here either. To avoid it I’d text or call them before you transfer funds. They will eventually get over it and you expose them to crypto even more. :slight_smile: