Balance didn't reflected to my litecoin core wallet

So, I tried to use litecoin yesterday and I have been searching which wallet to use and I found out that Litecoin core wallet can be used to send/receive LTC. However, when I tried to send my LTC from Binance to Litecoin core wallet, My Overview page which you can see your balances says 0 balance. But when I tried to search the address that I have sent it to it was successful and says received.

Note: My litecoin core wallet still on synchronizing network while I sent the LTC I had from binance and still synchronizing up to now. Do I have to wait for it be fully synchronized?

Yes, you will have to wait until the block that confirmed your transaction to get your balance.


Yeap, you’ll have to wait until it has fully synchronized then your ltc should show.

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Oh, I see. Will it always be there?

The first synchronization downloads the entire history of the blockchain,
which currently occupies 63 GB.
Therefore, the initial synchronization takes from 4 to 10 hours, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
With each subsequent launch of Litecoin Core, the program will only synchronize the newest blocks, which will not take longer than a couple of minutes, maybe ten.
Therefore, if you use the wallet from the same machine, you are unlikely to encounter a similar situation in the future.
Remember that you can create other wallets on the same client, without the need to re-sync, the main thing is to read about the rules for storing wallet.dat files and passwords so as not to face the lack of access to your own wallets.
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Your Litecoin will be fine as long as you sent it to a valid address, however, you do have to wait for it to sync to the point where it was received before it will show.