Back from beginning

After going to 0 LTC after the scam i felt into,i want to start over from the beginning.Now i learnt something from all this.I will tell you about myself so every opinion-tip will be helpful.Before 3 months i bought my first xrp.(Thinking to be longtime investment).I started to watch videos reading about day trading and all these.Because XRP would be longtime…When i made my first trades with xrp being lost and gain again and remain at almost the same amount.My trade strategy was good just need some more to fix it.(Patience).After that started the SEC thing and i have sold at the price i bought them.Then after spending many hours to find a coin for day trading i end with LTC.Daily movents and volatility seemed good to me.I bought 12 LTC and in a 12 days about i made them 18.Every day with gain.So its working for me and any opinion dropped will be helpful!Thanks for listening me!Im stack with LTC,love this crypto and fuctions.

Thanks for sharing this information with us. It is quite helpful.

I’m sorry to hear you got scammed. What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?
I think Litecoin is a good pick for trading on short timeframes, and it sounds like you are making good profits, congrats! Learning to be patient, even if you have a good strategy, can be a very difficult part of trading, it takes a lot of work to get our emotions under control.

Yes indeed.Well i opened my twiter and appeared from( fake )Lee a promo which doubles your LTC send.Immidiatelly got excited and boom!But i just saw the transaction now and this guy has more that 1000 ltc on his wallet!Someone sent 500 LTC!!!I like mistakes because your learn from these!Even are small or Big!

Ah yes I see scams like this a lot. We always have to think twice when someone promises big profits, it’s usually untrue and sometimes we learn it the hard way. But learning from it is the best we can do, absolutely.

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I just saw someone sent 500 LTC to him!!! :nauseated_face:

My only concern for now is if i can use my exchanger account safe or if i have to make a new one.Because i sent these LTC from there.