Available: 2 D3 miners

Thank you everyone for your interest thus far, I will update this if it does not go through.
Hello everyone. I have 2 D3 miners (already paid) available from Bitmain.

I have an additional 2 available if the price is right.

Here’s a screenshot for proof

The ship date is November

Escrow would be required. I’m not looking to scam anyone and you should also want escrow because your crypto is precious :slight_smile:

Price adjusted, just looking for 5% on these. Trading comes first

hi iam from india , i want d3 miner how much cost , please reply immedialy

Hello - it would be better to PM me, but the price would be (1450*2)=3k for one order of 2 miners.

Thank you for your reply and your interest!

Additionally these are for the November 1-15th batch

Gonna go ahead and bump this, with a price posted

Do you still have those D3 available? :slight_smile:

Yes they are still available

Hi, from where will you ship the miners ?

Will ship from California, or straight to you if Bitmain will transfer the orders

Still available. Interest but no buyers


I am interested. I’ve never mined before, so I am curious, it says on bitmain that the hashrate is 15 GHs, how much litecoin could one expect to make? (I’m sure the number varies wildly).

These are for D3 miners (X11 - DASH, MUE, etc). 15GH is worth roughly 0.15 BTC/day/each at current difficulties.
This is about 10 LTC a day if you want a conversion done.

PM sent.

Hello Echofilter,

I’m interested in your miners. please let me know how you would like me to proceed.

Hi Echofilter, I wasn’t sure how to PM you, but my friend and I are located in California and are interested purchasing your D3 miner. Is the miner new or has it been used before? We could use escrow or even meet you in person with cash, since we’re in the same state (we’re in the Bay Area). Thanks.

Currently sale is pending. Offer is accepted, though no payment made. I will update this and certainly be in contact if the deal does not go through.

In the future you can PM someone by clicking on the icon next to their name

I am selling an Antminer D3 with APW3++ PSU. (PSU is optional)

Its November 21-30 Batch. Will come to Hamburg GERMANY with UPS.

You can mail me mr_dogand@hotmail.com or add me on Watsapp +905464712399

So the price is ;

1680(D3+PSU price +shipping) + %25 Tax in Germany + my profit (200 $) = 2300 $(2150 without PSU) if you come Hamburg and take it in Hand

If you want me to send it to you price is 2300 $(2150 without PSU) + Shipping(depends where you live)

Do you still have these?

Still have 1 D3 + PSU
mr_dogand@hotmail.com for contact