Attention: Litecoin testnet miners

Segwit has successfully activated on testnet! If you mine on testnet and are using an old version, please upgrade to 0.13.2 ASAP! Release information can be found here:

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I am trying to setup a daemon for the testnet but I getting in debug.log:
connect() to failed after select(): Connection refused (111)

Can anybody tell me which node should I use to get the testnet running ?
The normal litecoin network is working on the same server.

Thank you for help.

Please compile from the litecoin/master (0.13.3) branch or from the 0.14-dev branch to access Testnet v4.

Some parameters for testnet v4 have been changed. This includes the magic numbers, port (19335), reset genesis block, and P2SH prefixes. You can find all of this in the checkpoints.cpp file of litecoin/master or litecoin/0.14-dev.