ASIC Antminer X3, B3, L3+, S9 are in stock now

Antminer L3+ (504MH/s), Antminer S9 (13.5TH/s & 14TH/s) & Antminer E3(180MH/s) are in stock now.
With power supply (APW++) and AntRouter R1-LTC
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I’m sure you do escrow right? (IF NOT STAY AWAY ALL WHO READ THIS!)

How much for L3+ and S9?
Where are you located ?

Yes , Sir , we do ,& we note that in previous thread .
Please , stop be so aggressive without reason , we are selling mining hardware here almost 1 year & have only positive feedbacks.
Thank you .

We are located in China , Shenzhen .
$610 per L3+ unit
$950 per S9 unit (13.5TH/s)
$1050 per S9 unit(14TH/s)
PSU included
Shipping not included

How much shipping to Koh Samui , Thailind ?

Shipping price depends of units quantity.
Please, for more info , place your request via "" .
Thank you .

Till 20th of May shipping to Asia & Europe for free .
Antminer B3 & X3 are in stock now.
Pre - order for Antminer E3 (limited) .
Place your request via
we have 24/7 chat support

So you take escrow huh? people that represent you with escrow on here or on please!

Which of words "yes, we do " you don’t understand ?

what about sources…who/what is doing your escrow? (kinda important don’t ya know) :slight_smile:

I’m sorry , Sir , but you questions are little strange.
If we TAKE escrow it means that we TAKE escrow - it means that you have to FIND it & PAY 1% for it , not US - YOU.
If you want to buy - lets do it .
If not - please , stop writing here or we will ignore you because it seems like you just want to spoil our sales .
Why do you do that ? Is that funny you think ?