As a new person in this area,what should I give more attention to?

As a newcomer, what should I pay attention to in Litecoin? Is this the best time to buy litecoin?

No point in trying to time the market. if you plan to buy and hold long term either just do it or if you plan to invest over time then you could dollar cost average.

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  • Start investing long term, money that can wait 4 years. HODL (Hold) will help you to have peace of mind and not FOMO (Fear of missing out).
  • Learn about the market dynamics to help you start buying bottoms and not tops. Start your swing positions.
  • Last, after you mastered market dynamics, you can start more ‘profitable over time’ trades using less/more protected capital.

Hi, first rule - invest as much as you can lose.

Hodl like others have said

It is down slightly at present being under $200. A couple of years ago it was a lot cheaper again. So DYOR and draw your own conclusions.
I disagree with those who say just buy and hodl. LTC’s strong point is its currency so best to use it as such.

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You are right I recently got a cryptocurrency-backed credit card and I am using litecoin daily. I am having a fairly good experience with it. So I would add “buy and spend” as the first rule.

I think it’s safer to invest in LTC than it would be with something more volatile, namely Bitcoin.