Are we any way depend on Etherium Will ETH 2.0 effect LTC mining?

Are we any way depend on Etherium Will ETH 2.0 effect LTC

If nothing else, Eth 2.0 will strengthen the perception of LTC, and proof of work blockchains entirely.

Ethereum 2.0 will use proof of stake for their
“mining”- meaning whoever has the most Eth gets be a validator on their network.
Or, in other words: whoever has the most money ultimately dictates how the system functions, and simultaneously benefits from us peasants using the system - That is literally no different from what we have now- and the people of the world don’t want it.

LTC however, functions as a truly decentralized network- everyone of us reading this can be a validator in the network, we together, can decide how value is determined in the future, not those with the biggest wallets
Thanks to guys like Charlie and Satoshi, we finally have the economic ammunition to fight back, and liberate ourselves from the oppressive system of illusionary value.


Would be great if @coblee could get in touch with eBay.
They are open to accept Crypto and there is none better suited as LTC.

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That time will soon come- I feel more confident in LTC than I ever have- this team spent the past 5 years refining LTC for future applications of scalability /fungibility while simultaneously addressing the quickly approaching future security concerns without compromise. - Taproot, LN, cut-through, coin join, CT’s, Dandelion …. Christmas came early.

In fact, they’re even using “next gen” elliptic curve cryptography which is poised to supplant current rsa- and that’s in addition to being built on Scrypt over Sha 256 which is already becoming preferred.
LTc has secured its relevance for the next decade, and in the next 10 years- blockchain will become mainstream the same way the internet did.

We are virtually prepared for mainstream supply shock, and additionally the quantum supremacy threat.
the next 5 -10 yrs will bring the money, based on mainstream adoption - And LTC is more popular than ever (daily transactions).

We’ve come far from the days of FBX, but the best days are still ahead.


And we got SatoshiLite @coblee on our side.