Are Regulations on LTC possible?

This news caught my eye that Harvard Professor, Kenneth Rogoff, says Bitcoin Regulation Is Inevitable.

Will this also impact LTC?


It will impact all cryptos.

The goal of them is to KYC every crypto wallet. No problem for hosted wallets.

Non hosted wallets would probably need to add KYC by having the wallet owner sign with a KYC token which certifies his identity.

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The only way to have centralized wealth/power with de-centralized cryptocurrencies like BTC/LTC

is to use ‘regulation’ or state power…as a means of ‘centralization’ or closing the gates.

If they wanted to kill BTC/LTC/Crypto all they powers that be (centralized wealth/power/gov’t) would

have to do IMHO…is to ‘simply’ declare all transactions have to have KYC at either end of any crypto

transaction. Of course this would be ‘impossible’ to do. The price of BTC/LTC would likely (hopefully

short term) go down in price by at least 90%…but in that only ‘some’ countries would do this…would

mean cryptocurrencies would survive. I myself think countries will ‘force’ KYC for ALL transactions in

out of ALL exchanges eventually. Best case is you would just say ‘oopsie’ I found this paper wallet from

2014…my bad and pay the taxes on such as you convert to USD or whatever fiat you prefer. Of course

the same ‘oopsie’ would apply to the IRS or Tax man also state taxes etc. But it is a work around. I also

figure they will require an actually ‘your address’ on the crypto-exchanges for any crypto as KYC

applicable for a ‘starting point’ to investigate any blockchain in and out of these now KYC exchanges.

This is the ‘best case’ scenario in my view. The only reason that it is unlikely that it will be worse is the

powers that be of wealth/banking/gov’t/power waited too long…to many people that are in BTC/LTC

/CRYPTO…now MAY have enough power so such FUD and push-back by the crypto doubters have

not enough leverage…to put the toothpaste back in the tube of crypto/blockchain

then again…look at how RobinHood protected the short-sellers today against the push-back and

banned their app (small pushers) to only allow SELLING of GameStop stock…but the ‘established’

and verified brokers or www site verified short sellers (who caused this push-back and pump in price)

were allowed to sell just dandy.

So we will see, but when we have FOMO we always have some kinda massive FUD push-back from

the powers that be in regulation and such. I only hope the above is as bad as they try to push-back.

It is not like they could not ‘try’ to go FULL STUPID as an option, don’t ya know.