Anyone trying Zcash Mining? (Off Topic Thread)

Anyone doing this GPU mining for the heck of it. Either like me got a GPU rig. (dumb likely) or fired up their old
GPU cards from back in the day or switched them from ETC to ZEC.

As an aside…I wonder how high LTC would go (or dump) it Dev team for LTC was to incorp this or a anon feature to

Anyway …was bored…and LTC has been ’ berry, berry good to me’ … at the toon of 2k a month profit.

Thus I ‘strayed’ from the true path of LTC and now have ‘sinned’ … but anyway we will see how it turns out

here soon. Chump or Champ one of the two I be.

me with GPUS and mining it on Prohashing as a payout on my 146 MH miner script miner remember i said as payout i know you can’t mine ZEC direct with any thing but GPUs and CPUs .

yeah …not sure how well this is gonna work out …got 2 gpu rigs …not sure if that was a good move or not :frowning:

yes, there are never guarantees

Dumped the rigs back in december to a buddy…it was too hard to dork with remote
he was working to hard on his own rigs…took a 1k loss and walked away.

Then again ltc went from 4.15 to 50 bucks this year …so not complaining much :slight_smile:

Man yell be fine this toptek i just a bought a L3 + against my better wish of buying from bit main junk . INNOSILICON is way over priced on there A4 +, i mine zec all day long with my 3 rigs . . why am i getting such a old email now lol … cya