Anyone has issue with

i have been gettting 0.0 kH/s speed from the litecoinpool console for quite some time.
i try to restart all miners but no joy.
cgminer showed as connected to the pool.
any idea ?

thank you

nope all fine on my end, I’m on litecoinpool

go to chat on the site…leave a msg for pooler (the owner)

but working fine for me

I have had issues where my INET just goes stupid and I have to power down the cable modem and my router

maybe that is the issue

will do . thank you

its for sure a latency issue…
what are you mining with? are you sure your configuration (start script /batch file) is set correctly?
make sure the version of cgminer you are using supports your asic and also make sure that you set the correct difficulty for your miner…you can type in your password when logging in your miner like this : pass=x,d=2048 to get a 2048 difficulty or pass=x,d=1024 for 1024…
setting the difficulty all the way down to 8 is the only way I was able to get my Dual Miner USB to connect to because they use all three different difficulty calculation methods on the server…
you can always check out their user guide at: