Any Titan / L3 / L3+ for sale?

Im looking to get my hands on a titan, l3 or l3+.

Are there any out there avaialable now? I have 1 on order and not coming until Sept 1st.

I am not willing to pay $6000 usd for one like on ebay and amazon. But will spend some money on one now.

Please let me know if anyone knows of any of these avaialable.

Thank you,

What are you willing to pay for a 4 cube titan at 300mh no bad cubes?

(not sure I’d sell but curious)


er…also have L3’s and L3+'s again curious

(jeez I sound like a pick up girl on a street corner)

I have 2 A3+ with 504Mhs and 800W From the 1st of August batch from Bitmain with PSU for sale.
I’m selling them for 2BTC or 82 LTC each.
You can email me for more details if u r intrested.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies…i sent you both messages. Please check them and get back to me.

Thank you

hi I think you should go with Bitmain they are still selling L3+ for the September shipment ( 42LTC with PSU) 40 LTC without. Anyone you buy from unless they already have it is pretty much waiting for shipment which you can do directly with

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Hi. I would be interested in the Cube or the A3 +. Waiting for your answer.

Sorry got zip…just not prudent to sell at this time

if I were you i’d look into x11 machines like baikal or ibelink assuming they ever release any more …better roi

Going through the comments to know what all companies are accepting. I am making my own list.