Any suggestions to earn or work for LTC?

Background: Not a coder, Not a gamer. Just like most ordinary people living in a third world country like ours.
Any suggestion is highly appreciated by our :wheelchair: community. Thanks :pray:

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I guess the pretty easy way is to work for fiat money and buy LTC. Maybe your boss can pay you with LTC…


said on other threads here ‘attic mine’ junk out of attic you would otherwise be too lazy to ever move/sell on eBay and get LTC with such. You can also go to rummage sales or estate sales on a weekend and easily find stuff you can sell for 3x the amount on eBay…only home mining that works now IMHO. :slight_smile:


As said before working online for fiat money might be a more efficient way.
But there are also faucets with which you can earn litecoin (and other coins as well). It’s a good option, you just have to do some research to make sure that a given faucet is legit and actually pays.
Similarly, there are so-called bounty campaigns, but I think those mostly pay in defi tokens.

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I doubt working on-line would make as much as Rummage or Estate Sales on the Weekend…you can always find something to ‘flip’ at 2x to 3x the price. Also again, un-needed junk, etc. Online work is a ‘lot of work’ for little cash…you’d be better off as a 3rd option to double down and get a 10hr to 20hr p.t. job or something and put it all in BTC. Indeed, Lawn work or Shoveling snow would work better than online work…it is the new ‘before’ labor laws cottage piecemeal work that indentured servants used to do historically to get out of debt. I don’t recommend such, you’d be better off taking free online classes for HTML or other real trades with your time on the internet IMHO…no matter you $$$ reason for looking for extra $$$. IMHO

Thank you for the advice. I’ll encourage our community to look for stuff that can be sold

If only one can find that Road towards the magical faucet.
I still believe.

The biggest catch with faucets that I’ve found (anyway 6 years ago when I did such as a newbie one day) is the hours 4 spent and you could not get any LTC out of the faucet till ‘such and such’ impossible number to the account mined. Just saying. :slight_smile:

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:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: Waht?)

@svptrsn I made the Hands-on campaign ( GET YOUR IDEA OUT OF THE PAPER AND WIN 3.5 LTC! #LITECOIN Hands-on Campaign - Deadline: August 31 ) precisely to incentive ppl to “work” and “earn” LTC by executing their own vision and idea for LTC.

Next year, 2022, I am willing to make a different version of it.

What would shake Litecoin community?

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You can earn some if you own some on Binance but the APY is very low compared to even BTC.

Rather then concern yourself with the payment method instead consider what value you are offering to the other party.

I see a few good ideas here. You could also check the BeerMoney website, as it usually has a ton of ideas to help make money. Should be some LTC related threads there.

Invest some time in your own education, there’s so many free resources out there to learn how to trade. If you put in the time your rewards will come. It takes time but can be worth it.