Antminer L5 Litecoin miner availability

Hello folks, any indication on L5 Antminer LTC releas?

They have been out for more than a year in China …but not available except to Bitmain’s own data halls or cronies… they would not make squat anyway at these prices IMHO vs what they would charge anyway…so the whole thing is kinda moot POW wise for new ASIC equipment of any flavor algo for the next year I figure.

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Cronies :joy: I dig it, thanks for the feedback. I have a future bit Apollo batch 3, I like it a lot, I’m more into mining to contribute to the network and it has the full node so that’s cool, any ŁTC is just a bonus. I was looking on eBay and there’s quite a few L3 Antminers for sell , a couple I saw for 60$ but have to buy the power supply as well, so roughly $100 or so total. I understand where ya coming from as far as profitability, at that price for the L3’s is that decent or overpriced? One was new the others I saw were used.

Depends if you have like 6c kWh electric w/fees or not I guess. At 8c kWh buying such don’t fly, I’d be better off buying LTC…which I’m not at this time. :frowning: