Antminer L3+ setup Assistance

Hi all, I am hoping someone with more network knowledge can help me figure out the IP issue I am having that is preventing me from setting up an ASIC. I’m not working with the knowledge a programmer, engineer or network tech has… I just love crypto and want to mine LTC. I have some knowledge I just need a little guidance.

I have recently purchased a new Antminer L3+ and APW3++ power supply, but am having an issue with set up.

  • I have the miner connected to the same network (hardwired both miner and PC) as the PC I am using for set up.
  • The router is set up to be used as a DHCP server
  • I logged into my router to view the IP, I can see the Antminer but the IP that is generated is returning an error when I enter it into the browser. It is not a typical 192.###.#.# IP address… instead it is 10.#.#.##


I’ve also attempted to download the IP search software from Bitmain (here, but the download will not open.

I should also mention that I have a mesh WiFi system.

Any tips, thoughts, suggestions?


Hi, for find the IP you could try the advanced-ip-scanner. com, maybe it could help for find out the right one

Hi there, mine is running fine with multipool load balance…

Whats the setting in the Router admin panel?
192.168.x.x and 10.10.x.x and some other IP Ranges are local-only … i.e. local LAN adresses… try to Switch off IP6 on your Router and PC… if you dont need it… also static IP for the miner is always better per bitmain Service manuals also per my experience… also the miner should be on the same subnet as the PC is… i.e. if its on a 192.168.x.x the miner needs to have one like that too… if you want to reach its Web panel easily… you could with some NAT get through with different IP but thats too advanced IMHO…

It appears there is no existing route defined between the and scopes on your router. The L3 most likely still has an old static IP address from its previous owner or received a new DHCP address from your wifi mesh system, which may be configured to isolate wifi clients and block communication between network scopes for enhanced security.

Are you using a wifi to Ethernet adapter for the L3 or doing any weird network bridging? Your computer and the L3 should be connected to ports on the same switch or router with Ethernet cables.

A factory reset of the firmware will perform a new DHCP query and reset the IP address, hopefully to your local scope. Boot the L3, wait 5 minutes, then press the indented reset button on the right side with a paper clip and hold until the blue power led goes out. It will automatically factory reset and reboot in about 5 more minutes. Scan your network with Angry IP Scanner and look for ports 22, 80 and 4028 open. That’s your L3.

If that still doesn’t work, it’s also possible you have a race condition going on with multiple DHCP servers on your network, your wifi may be misconfigured, or you may just need to add a new route manually.

Hope that helps! If you still have trouble finding your L3 on the network, check out’s Litecoin P2Pool node and submit a ticket for some free email technical support and troubleshooting.

Good luck!