Antminer L3+ or Video Card Mining?

Hello everyone,

I want to start mining LTC but I don’t know how it would be effectively using Antminer L3+ or Video Card Mining?

I need your advice,

Actually I am from Georgia and electricity price is 0,08$,
If your are interested to invest here please contact me :slight_smile:

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you have an actual data hall I can host with at 8c kwh let me know (my last one is full was 7.7c kwh)

looking for another

Also: I run my miner …not them running it and paying me out 1x a month…prefer to run my own stuff
remotely and they can bill me each month (keeps everyone honest)

Tell me how to contact you and then send me details please :wink: :sunglasses:

Well we have a setup with colohub in Iowa

7.7c kwh COMPLETE

they are now fuller then full

I have like 10 Titans there and 4 L3’s and 4 L3+'s

if/when I get more stuff no place to put it :frowning:

same iwth a buddy with 4x my machines

thats the catch…colohub is guite the deal looks like tom cruise is gonna fall from the ceiling

here is the link .they plan an expansion but not sure when


So anyway may be looking for NIRVANA …but as you can see was pretty slick till they got full and I mean full

I’d not have too many miners (have to find some asics besides bitmain stuff …seem late and over priced
for what difficulty in scrypt pow is gonna do…

but hope in the next 6 months will have 4-6 more of some asic device to host

if nothing else and you got zip I’m interested keep in touch …I’ll let you know if I find anything


You could mine other coins with video cards and conver them to LTC, but there is more of a learning curve and you have to keep up with the most profitable coin to mine. The L3+ is easier, you plug it in and get paid mining litecoins. So for a beginner, with super low electric I’d say buy as many L3+ as you can afford, that electric rate is ridiculously low so you should generate a nice profit.

The Giga Watt ICO locks in 3.3c kwh with no hosting fees for 50 years, and they are the oldest mining company in North America. and their instagram shows bulid out going fast
When not mining you can rent tokens to other miners generating income 36% at minimum rental rate. it’s worth looking into if you are gonna build a farm, they also do bitmain repairs on site so no RMA shipping back to China. They are sold out but you can contact them and ship your miners to them or have them shipped directly from Bitmain to them or just wait until they have them back in stock. The tokens started at $1 but now up to $1.10 but still a good deal if you’re looking into building a farm.
As for miners we do need more competition than just Bitmain, not just for LTC miners but Bitcoin miners. All ASIC’s need more competition. Wish AMD and Nvidia would enter the market selling miners, would drive up difficulty but also drive down price of miners and make them more accessible to everyone.

thanks, I’ll look into it…I think there probably is a catch…ie I give them equip…they give me tokens

but will reserve judgement:slight_smile:


it only shows bitcoin mining for tokens