Antminer L3+ miners Pre-sale

I pre-ordered a few Antminer L3+ miners from Giga Watt that will be delivered to their hosting facilities in early October, but I need cash right now for other personal needs, so I am selling them including their power units. I am asking US$2,995 each or best offer.

Antminer L3+ miners do 504 MH/s and have a power consumption of 800 W +/-10%. They are the best LTC miners on the market right now.

Giga Watt has great facilities in Washington State and will host the miners only to WTT token holders. WTT tokens are currently being sold on their Web site ( Token holders will pay no hosting fees and will pay electricity cost for only US$3.3 cents per KWh for 50 years!

As I also have all the tokens needed for the L3+'s, I can sell or rent them to you at the rate set out by Giga Watt.

If interested, please drop an email to and I will arrange the transaction through PayPal for your peace of mind.

Thank you

This pre-sale is OVER because Giga Watt will not allow the transfer of hardware to a different customer.

I tried to delete my original post, but it looks like it is not possible.

Thank you

I’ve already bought pre-order of L3 + on bitmain official site.

If anyone is interested in buying it, this is the link:

I will be sent to the end of October and I will send it to you as soon as I receive it

You can pay with paypal

For now I have sold it only in Italy but if anyone is interested in extending it in Europe