Antminer L3+ keep or sell

HI there
I had been using my miner for month. Paid 1500 usd for whole set with tax so very lucky. So now question is with bitmain releasing batch after batch and crypto prices crashing should I sell it or keep it ? what you guys think?
PS. I can sell it for over 4k usd

why the hell would you sell a miner that willgenerate money as long as it is plugged in? if it cost more power than what you’ll make in 6 months then yeah maybe consider it…but
guarantee its attitudes like that that will cause people to unplug and the difficulty goes back down so now my small miners start making more money…so thanks…sure unplug…then I will make more money once I buy your miner and add it to my farm…
being sarcastic of corse…do your self a favor and keep mining and buy more coins now that they are cheap and quit thinking of how much the coins you have are worth all the time…
it only matters what they are worth when you go to sell them…
buy cheap and sell high is the only way to profit…
if you want security for a dollar then buy a tether which is 1:1 USD and never gains value
you still have the same number of coins you first purchased right? so now that they are on sale you all the sudden don’t want them anymore?
I usually buy more of something I like when its cheap and charge a lot to sell it because I like what I bought and know its harder to buy than it is to sell when the product you are holding is scarce…remember there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins and 96 million Litecoins
If you were cashing out every second and buying back every second then selling during a crash makes sense…
This is Not a “get Rich Quick Scheme”…
It is a long term investment…especially if you are mining…you are securing the network by mining and getting paid for it…labor is all do automated…why would anyone ever sell that?


I changed my mind…go ahead and panic sell…thats when I make money…lol
The nice thing about crypto is that you have the power to “Be Your Own Bank” and its all up to you on what you do at the end of the day and doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks but you either at the end of the day…because you are the only one with access to the information contained in your wallet unless you share it…True decentralization is what causes rises in the economy…just look at history

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Ill buy it off you for 2000

Answer, you never know. I remember people screaming about how the Titans would never make money, etc.

Never know.