Antminer L3+ is there a catch?

Hey guys,

I’m quite new to the concept of crypto mining and I am looking to buy an Antminer L3+.

I have honestly done over 50 hours research into the topic and have run the stats through various calculators numerous times… it’s amazing they all say that you can pay off the cost within 2 months.

It’s like a goldmine but it feels to good to be true.

Is there a catch??

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Hey I’m new to crypto and also like yourself have been looking into mining litecoin, but one thing that puts me off is the difficulty leval which will rise due to all the new bitmain lt3+ miners being put into use ,
I have thought it would be better just to buy litecoin and hold ??

yes the catch is that all of them are being shipped out at the end of august and since they mostly are sold out the litecoin difficulty is going to skyrocket around that time making l3’s earn just as much as my zeus thunder…maybe not that much of a jump but the difficulty always goes up with a new batch of miners that get released…higher difficulty means lower profits over time…unless mining solo and then its just luck unless you have a decent size farm…want my personal opinion…if a miner cant pay for itself with in the first 3-6 months then its using more power than it makes usually…however I mined at a loss when I got my miners and the price increase made mining profitable for me again…so its anyone’s guess as far as price but the difficulty has to go up…price is speculative but difficulty is based on number of miners all trying for the same pay block at once

Hopefully ltc price will hit 100 usd by the end of 2017

Yes that’s an idea that I had at one point but I hope that if mining doesn’t work then I can sell the miner for around the same price that I bought it at because the demand is so high.

Hey there. There is no catch about the predicted results provided that the difficulty and hashrate remains constant. We have stock of Antminer L3+ available. Please send your email and I will send you the details.

difficulty is never constant…never has been and never will be…this is why mining is considered a lottery and “ARM’s Race”

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Yes, please discontinue posting misleading information such as this. It is very well known that Bitmain continues to produce large batches of scrypt miners which will cause the difficulty to rise and obviously reduce rewards that are calculated using today’s difficulty metrics. That is the catch, there is no need to be dishonest to sell a few more miners or whatever interesting thing it is you’re trying to do here.

Thanks in advance.

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Why should I trust you when I can get a perfectly good machine from Bitmain

Hi, guys!

Just a word of caution about the calculators.

They are not really mathematical calculators when it comes right down to the small miner. I think of them as statistical calculators. So, though I think you can make some bucks with LTC, don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose. The market might tank, or go through the sky. You just never know.

I personally think it will go through the sky :slight_smile:

Hello everyone.

I hold on to some litecoins and I am curious about mining.

I see everybody talking about how great this antminer L3+ is.

I wonder, how much litecoins does it produce say per month.
And what are the alternatives to it?

I’d appreciate any feedback! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there!

We are legit reseller of bitminer machines and we have available Antminer L3+ at $3050 and Antminer S9 at $2270
Delivery date for L3+ will be on November 1-11, 2017 and S9 will be on November 20-30, 2017

For more details you can email me at or contact me at
Whatsapp: +852 5448 4997
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You can email me or comment your email address below so that I can contact you.

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Currently my L3+ is producing approx 1 litecoin every 3.5 days, so figure approx 8.5 litecoin a month.

Hit the nail on the head

hey JPI

Seen your presence on the forum - nice work.

Do you still have any Antminers for sale?

Big thanks