Antminer L3 in stock

Antminer L3+ in stock now.
Quantity is limited.
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I bought first release batch. Scheduled shipping is for mid September. How do you have any shipping sooner?

As a polite suggestion, show a screen shot of a confirmed order, not what is in a shopping cart before placing an order. Then you might have some interested buyers instead of ones with doubts pondering the legitimacy of your claim and offer here.

Thanks in advance.

We made our order in May. We are a wholesaller.

You even didn`t speak to me. whats wrong with you guys?

However, now the thread goes from being Antminer D3 (originally on 1 August) ASICs to being Antminer L3+ (2 August) ASICs in which “tomothy” was inquiring about (and for good reason it seems). A nice feature of this forum is being able to see when another edits his/her postings and the changes made (such as me adding this right now for my post).

Too many changes and inconsistencies with lack of clarification. Proper communications builds trust here. I will let others judge for themselves on this offer.

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LinuxETC, this is not an Offer, but another L3+ SCAM :slight_smile:

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