Antminer l3+ Bill pls help

Hello everyone, I have bought an L3 + from Ebay and would like to ask if the bill from Bitmain is Electronic? the seller has specified original invoice but now he wants to send it to me via email?

Does anyone know if this is possible?

How do I know that he has sent me a used product? The goods should be NEW

And excuse all my bad English

Well…supposedly, if you buy stuff from Ebay with paypal you have some protection…also use credit card on the paypal option to get them involved if needed.

If you paid for more than $800 bucks for an L3+ you paid too much…I paid $823 last friday and got mine on this last monday…also shipping to usa and psu etc made it almost exactly $1,000 a unit.

I am only buying mine due to (with state and fed taxes and a cushion) 50% of my mining set aside to IRS and
taxes etc and the 25% equip deduction of taxes I will owe (real dollars) at the end of the year

thus my risk on the $823 L3+ on the bitmain site last weeks was $250 after electric

barely worth it

if you only get the $250 equip deduction off usa taxes…your odds are worse.if not mining income
and my trick

so be aware…there is a big dump by bitmain of scrypt-pow equipment …gonna be ugly

(only spend what you can afford to lose)

Thank u for ur answere, thats is true what u said !