Antminer D3 in stock now

Hi. I’m Jeremy from AgoBooks Antminers. We still have 2x Antminer D3 in stock for sale from first banch 1 is opened from the box! One is still in the box. ( the opened one was the first, we wanted to check that everything is ok ) We are an online company from about 2 months we are new on the online marketing because we provide only offline via market forums but now we have a website with BTC pay. I can not provite the website on some forums so I do not want to do non-rules things. I can also provite anything about the antminers and the website to check/see/buy in private messages on the forum.

The price is 2.999 Euros ( in BTC price ) the payment will be on our website ( we do not accept directly payment with btc address only with our website in case of something is happening with our products or your products we will provide the money back in max. 120 days . PSU included!

Orders can be made here or by the email / private messages!

Support mail/ Order mail: /

they are still in stock at the site Also, at $1,450 for an x11 D3 ASIC miner and $2,280 for an L3+ ASIC scrypt pow miner (LTC) they may stay there…in stock for a very, very long time. Even the newbies have fled from such a purchase at these prices. Imho, the price should be (with difficulty) about $950 for the D3 and about $1,100 for the L3+ and imho that may also not make any sense either with the difficulty of both protocols x11 and scrypt pow in the future.

so good luck with your sale…but unless the price of above in coin pumps dramatically, we are in for a ‘lull’ in equip sales …again imho :slight_smile:

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