Answering some basic LTC questions

Most common questions asked:

  1. Max cap: 84M
  2. Quick transactions: Litecoin blocks every 2.5mins & Lightning Litecoin 1000/transactions per second
  3. Relatively cheap transaction fees: <1 cent
  4. Scalable: 4 times on-chain capacity per 10 mins compared to BTC. Scales just as well as Bitcoin lightning, but easier to onboard to lightning litecoin.

Would you guys care to add anything else?

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Sorry for ignorance, but what is Lightning Litecoin? And where I can see its TPS?

Tks for the patience!

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Bump for source.

Litecoin has almost complete dominance over its mining algorithm. Something like 99% of scrypt. Basically this is a big security advantage.


Its a scalability solution and one of the key upgrades to Litecoin:

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The question is when will it be ready? And will they solve the flood vulnerability. Also, how much cheaper will it make btc transactions? Will they be able to compete with ltc? Will btc be scalable to be used global? Or will it fall short and ltc will take most of the daily transactions?

Imo, from what I’ve read, this flood vulnerability isnt solvable and fundamentally part of how the Ln network works. But there’s a lot of smart people working on it so who knows maybe it’ll work. I feel good knowing that either way ltc will gain momentum. Unless they end up making btc transactions $0.05 and fast as ltc. But looking at both cryptos starting line, I think ltc will always hold the advantage if both use the same technology.