[ANN] - SparkPool - Litecoin Pool - Signaling Segwit

We at betbybitcoin would like to announce sparkpool! Sparkpool is a PPLNS mining pool, pool named after my pagan name sparky. The pool is one of the first to signal support for segregated witness for Litecoin. The fee is 1% to cover our hosting costs, which are $40USD a month, plus relay nodes to reduce orphan risk, as we have set up relay nodes around the world.

To mine, visit www.sparkpool.org and create an account.

Stratum port is 3333

Pool Details: stratum+tcp://sparkpool.org:3333 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

For transparency, primary server is hosted in singapore. Specification is the Intel Core Xeon, 4 core with 4GB RAM on Linux.

We at sparkpool hope to reduce centralization of the Litecoin network and to signal support for Segregated Witness.

Please visit us as www.sparkpool.org and www.betbybitcoin.com for the latest Bitcoin news!

We will offer promos and bonuses now and then! Our first promo is the first block finder will receive a 2 LTC bonus to their mining address, although we will announce the finder in this thread so we can pay them their bonus.

Currently no takers, anywhere else we should promote the pool as well as here and Bitcointalk? :slight_smile: We look forward to seeing some miners!

Litecoin dont need new mining pool. It has nice mining infrastructure. Men, you late for 3-4 years.


enough say how centralized the network is, so some decentralization helps massively… I have already made 1000s in profit where LTC is concerned so i decided to set up this pool to aid decentralization

<<< New & latest promotion >>>>

Find first block in our pool and take away 5 LTC Extra over and above your contribution to our pool

Hit your miner now and take away 5 LTC