[ANN][ICO] NeuronX - Artificial intelligence in trading

What is NeuronX?

NeuronX at the time of the start of ITO is an information and analytical platform that provides reliable information and trading recommendations on cryptocurrency pairs for the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the future, we are not just a service with analytics, we are an ecosystem for combining completely different analytical algorithms with potential clients (traders). The ecosystem will be fully decentralized and regulated by the community.

At the moment, we make forecasts for BTC/USDT every minute, which can be seen in the personal account. To improve the accuracy of forecasts, we daily saturate AI with fresh data, experience accumulates, and with it increases the accuracy of predictions.

AI is built on several components:

  1. Manual or semi-automatic formation of the training dataset.
  2. «Building experience» through AI training.
  3. Synthetic testing of issued forecasts.


• First AI in trading with more than 70% of correct forecasts
• Fake news analysis
• First decentralised storage of forecasts

Solutions problems:

• Traders lose money
• Amateur traders don’t understand the market
• Analytics aren’t effective
• Artificial intelligence isn’t used properly

NeuronX ecosystem is created for:

  1. Traders who seek to increase their profits qualitatively.
  2. Engineers in the field of machine learning and AI.
  3. Stimulation of AI industry development and machine learning algorithmsin the crypto-financial field through competitions and grants.
  4. Investors who do not have professional knowledge in the field of trading.

Decentralized storage of forecast [DSOF]

Impressed by the EOS ecosystem (operating system for building decentralized applications), we decided to create a Decentralized client for storing forecasts - Decentralized storage of forecasts, for transparent and high-quality delivery of forecasts from the developers of machine algorithms (including NeuronX) to users.

To finance this system, a special fund will be created, to which NeuronX will transfer up to 10% of the profit from the sale of subscriptions to the service on a quarterly basis. To protect against flooding, each action passing through the blockchain DSOF will be provided with a small commission (transactions and predictions).

A separate multi-platform desktop client will be created for mutual settlements and payment of commissions. DSOF tokens are designed to pay for prediction services and algorithms from analysts and developers. Forecasts will be posted by developers on a regular basis

DSOF tokens can be used for:

  1. Pay for DSOF services (to get timely forecasts) and access to API.
  2. If you are a developer then you need to pay commissions for your predictions (and if they are successful get even more tokens as a reward).
  3. To carry out DSOF trading activities within the NeuronX ecosystem at the market price in pairs DSOF/USDT, DSOF/NXBT.
  4. Conduct mutual settlements by sending / receiving tokens inside the DSOF blockchain.
  5. Store DSOF tokens in the DSOF desktop decentralized wallet.

Advantages of DSOF:

  1. The preservation of the history of forecasts in the EOS blockchain registry.
  2. Open API for third-party AI developers and machine learning-based algorithms
  3. Encouraging developers, whose algorithms and tools provide top predictions, with internal tokens of application.
  4. Public top algorithms with the most accurate predictions.
  5. Competitive spirit between AI developers (including us).
  6. The ability to encourage any developer of algorithms by DSOF tokens at the request of the client.
  7. Possibility to buy/sell DSOF token on the NeuronX platform with the lowest Commission using limit and market orders.
  8. Open source code distributed under the MIT license.

Platform tokens

NeuronX implements a platform with participation of the NXBT token. NXBT token of the company. NeuronX is a utility token, that supports the ERC-20 standard. NXBT utility token is used in the NeuronX ecosystem as a means of payment - the internal currency of the project required to purchae any platform services without exception. Issue of token will be limited in the amount of 200 000 000 NXBT.

Token holders, there are restrictions on trading activities from the moment of listing on the exchange:

• team– 6 months
• partners and advisors - 3 months
• for investors at the stage of Private Sale - 2 months

These restrictions on the period of use are introduced in order to comply with the interests of the project participants, are set in the code of the smart contract and are not subject to change.

NXBT tokens can be placed on exchanges, and are also free to sell them. Please note it may take up to three months between the end of the NXBT Open Sale and the start of the NXBT token listing on the first centralized exchanges, which is necessary for technical and legal integrationof NeuronX with trading platforms.

The growth in the value of NXBT tokens is provided by the following factors:

• Limited issue of tokens - 200 000 000
• Burning of unsold tokens
• Burning 20% of the turnover of tokens inside the platform on a quarterly basis
• Increasing demand for information and analytical services of the NeuronX platform, including through interaction with our API with external teams of analysts and developers

Pre-Sale Cap - 1 000 000 USD
Hardcap - 20 000 000 USD