Android Wallet Not on Google Play

I have gone to and, both show download links for the Android App Wallet. - the Android app link is broken and takes you to this site. - the link takes you to Google Play, but the app is not there.

Does anyone have any information on the status of these two apps?
Are they the same app?

It seems like any potential user would get discouraged.



So idk what you’re trying to download but i assume you might be talking about “Coinbase”???

That’s the app that im using and im loving it…

i also, could not find an app for litecoins specifically… maybe their isn’t one???

Coinbase is awesome though … try it

Thanks for the reply. I have the Coinbase app, but wanted to test the apps on and/or They have links are their websites, but the apps are not available.

hmmmm… lemme check that out maybe they HAD apps and ended up taking them down bro… they’re understaffed

are you talking about LITECOIN CORE???

Pixellite no. b1bart the Litecoin android app disappeared from search results a few months back, not sure why. It isn’t working right now ever since btc-e went down. It used btc-e for price lookups and now it just crashes when you open it. I’m waiting patiently for an update.

Hm. My client works but doesnt update price. Who is maintaining the code?

Mine works again but like yours doesn’t update price. I know an android client update was mentioned in the 2017 roadmap so hopefully this is addressed soon.