Android wallet is not responding and keeps crashing

I have a question, I installed a litecoin wallet through google app and have few balance it them, I transferred the balance to other trading platform and it worked perfectly. after few days I send the coins back to my android wallet, after the transaction is made, I cannot access to my wallet, it just keeps crashing. how I can get the coins back

What Android wallet you are using?

I’m using the official litecoin wallet for android


I think there a issue on the Android software, please sent a email to the support

I did. They never respond. I do have the back up. Is there a way to retrieve it from other application.

did you try to upgrade the software ?

i tried, its all up to date, the app is not connecting the the server, i mean the LTC app. but i have the back up. dose it help?

you have to connect to the server first.

the mobile is connected, however he app dose not connect to server

any photo to show so that easier to help .



The problem is the litecoin wallet is not supported anymore (the developer may have been eaten by a walrus). There is a bug where certain transactions sent to you can cause the whole wallet to crash and not reload.

What you need to do is this:

  1. Find another device
  2. Load the app on it with an empty wallet.
  3. Restore your wallet from a backup. Do not let the app go to sleep or shut down the phone.
  4. Without closing the app, immediately transfer your balance to a new wallet somewhere else. If you have a lot of LTC, get a Trezor.
  5. If you don’t have a backup, you need to find the raw wallet on your android (probably requires rooting) and get the seed words out. Then transfer to an electrum litecoin wallet and get the funds out.