[Android App] ASIC Miner Monitor

Hey folks,

I am an Android developer joining the mining community! I started mining Litecoin a month ago with an AntMiner L3+ from Bitmain.

The web interface to monitor the AntMiner does not provide a good user experience for someone like me that is checking it all day!
When monitoring in the mobile web browser the experince is even worst!

So I google searched for an Android app to make my life easier! Only found one that unfortunatly is crashing.

With this, I decided to make one app myself that connects to the AntMiner and display all the available information that I need.

At this stage I focused on the UX, creating a dashboard with most important data highlighted to make easier to check on the speed, temperatures, asic status, hardware errors and fan speed.

At this moment the app only supports the AntMiner L3+ because is the only device I own however I more that happy to support your devices. If interested drop me a message.

You can download the alpha version from the Play Store: (published now)

All the feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you!

Ryan Amaral

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