An ICO tool icobemch

Is there anybody who invest the money in ICO? How do you find the projects? Maybe you have some websites or platform where you get the information. I found such website icobench , it’s got a little reviews but it seems fine ICObench - User Reviews, Rating, Company Details 2020. What do you recommend to invest?

I would do an ICO occasionally for BTC or LTC Dust if I could :frowning: But they are ‘outlawed’ in the USA, even i

if you played such legit and reported gains/losses to the IRS (Federal Taxes/State/Local Taxes, etc)

I ‘suppose’ i could use VPN…but have not felt the need to ‘chance’ such. Alas!

This would be helpful on DEFI coin ICO’s as such…but again, no work around that I can see.

I did to a LISK ICO when such was legal…that worked out OK.


Did anybody know the only ICO now which only accept BTC and LTC is XSL Labs.
I am still doing research for the project. The CEO also known well in crypto france community…