Alvin Hagg: the truth about the scammer

Freewallet is an app, created by scammers. As soon as customer deposits coins to his crypto wallet, administration blocks users account. According to our data, hundreds of clients have already become victims of the Freewallet scam. The total amount of damage is in the millions. Who is behind this grandiose scam? Alvin Hagg is a liar and a swindler. He may not be the only one, but he is one of the main defendants in the Freewallet fraudulent project.

Alvin Hagg is a scammer

The official resources of Freewallet org indicate that the project manager is Estonian citizen Alvin Hagg. We decided to conduct an investigation to find out more about this man. But they immediately found out that he carefully hides any details about himself. In open sources there is no information about his education and previous work experience, no contacts, no photographs. This further suggests that Hagg is deliberately committing fraud. If he were a law-abiding entrepreneur and programmer, would he hide his social media profiles and other information about himself?

However, attempts to hide information about oneself do not contribute to a positive impact on Hagg’s personal reputation. See what customers who have suffered from Freewallet’s actions say about it.

Beware of Alvin Hagg CEO of Freewallet org who is scamming People with the help of Hanna Hagg,

This comment was left by one of the victims back in 2018. The topic was created on the Bitcointalk forum, where you can find dozens of accusations against Freewallet. Alvin Hagg is a lier and scammer. This is how clients characterize the nominal project manager.

Demand scammer Alvin Hagg to return your coins!

Did Freewallet scammers steal your cryptocurrency? Have they blocked your wallet and won’t let you withdraw your coins? Write to Alvin Hagg and demand payment of your savings!


This is the only contact of scammer Alvin Hagg that we have right now.

The scammer hides his profiles. But at least through this mail you can demand that he return the stolen coins! Write a letter! Ask why he deceives people! And demand your savings back!