Alarmcoin - Track cryptomarkets and get notified (universal price tracker)

I’m very exited to introduce the project I’ve been working on for the last several months. It’s called Alarmcoin. Basically, Alarmcoin is a web app that lets you track many cryptocurrency markets and get different kinds of notifications about price movements.

If you are an altcoin trader you might benefit from tracking many crypto markets in one place and getting notifications about price movements during your trading session.
As an average user you might be interested in getting Email/SMS notifications about price movements of any cryptocurrency/crypto-asset.

There’s a lot of things planned to do like iOS and Android apps, push notifications, API for developers, and so on. But the ultimate goal is to create Universal Cryptocurrency Platform (UCP) that will enable trading at any cryptocurreny exchange and getting live market data in a unified format for any market in one place. And, of course, the goal includes letting everyone to get all kinds of notifications!
Also, you can request a feature or vote for one at our wantoo board. I will carry out the people’s will if an idea is worthy.

Donations help to keep running Alarmcoin free of charge. Donate if you like it and want to support further development.

This service currently is in open beta-testing and registration is now open. Join today!
Please report any bugs you may encounter.

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