After updating Litecoin Core, transactions show but the balance disappeared

I wanted to transfer LTCs into a paper wallet. What I did not know was that the fee settings were to 0,00 LTC in this old Litecoin QT version from Nov. 2013. The consequence was that the transaction was not processed for a few days.
I did my research and the task was to abandon the transaction. However, the Litecoin QT version did not support the abandon command. Therefore, it was recommended to save wallet.dat on a secure place and then install the newest version of Litecoin Core v0.14.2 (32-bit).

Afterwards, I copied the wallet.dat into C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Litecoin\testnet4 and downloaded the full blockchain. Once this was finished, the program shows me the correct transaction history, but the balance is 0. I could then abandon the last test transaction stuck in the mempool but the balance is still 0.

Thank you in advance for any ideas what I can do.

hmmm, do a rescan… It may help

Thank you, pguerrerox.

I didn’t manage to find a command in the console to do that. However, I reinstalled it but it shows the same results.