After $50, Litecoin (LTC) Can Easily Double and Soar to $110


Competition for dominance just got stiffer: hot wallet, that describes itself as the “ world’s leading user-custodied crypto wallet ” now supports Litecoin (LTC). Complete with a multi-coin feature, the inclusion of Litecoin is a step in the right direction and points to underlying demand from users. Litecoin complements Bitcoin and is the fifth most valuable coin in recent rankings thanks to their stellar performance in the last three weeks. At the time of press, the currency was up 19.9 percent in the previous week, and the new support is a reprieve for investors as well as traders seeking a safe abode against marauding hackers.

The wallet supports “ newer Segwit address formats for lower miner fees, as well as Legacy addresses for backward compatibility in all applications .” Besides, they have top-notch security in place. Apart from encrypting private keys on the user phone, CoinBase wallet incorporates Secure Enclave meaning the exchange’s reputation will remain intact as they bring to use the best-in-class security feature to safeguard user funds.

In other news, Jack Dorsey—who together with Charlie Lee and other interested parties invested $2.5 million in the Lightning Network—is using the Tipping Browser Extension to receive LN tips. Increase usage of the new scaling solution will inevitably lead to demand in Litecoin as the network’s LN mirrors that of BTC and gain momentum