Address vs Wallet

Is it possible to find a connection between the address and the wallet, wich exchange etc…? At least be able to know whether offline or exchange ? I made a transfer 3 years ago and now I don’t remember where.

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share the public address.

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well the address shows 40 LTC since almost 3 years ago but does not show who owns it - sometimes if it is an exchange, the funds will show coming in to “your” address and then out of yours into an exchange’s wallet, it might be possible you did a paper wallet? but without that private key that would have came with the public address, you have essentially lost the funds. Someone else might have some things to try but I have no suggestions other than find that private key.

Thank you , I hav e1 direction for now, it may be a paper wallet, I just have to dive into my memory and files. If it ´s in paper wallet then privat ekey is very much important.