Adding a category for Trading and/or shop announcements

I mean, Litecoin is a currency and all. Such a category will help to drive traffic and lets people who like to trade with it know that they can share it here.

Trading is good. Just added.

thank you. Now that it gets busier, there might be people using the categories soon.

Glad to see a new trusted forum for litecoin, props to Xinxi for his time and resources to get this going.

Was going to ask for the same,a category for people buying and selling items and services for litecoin. Looking at the current trading category looks like its used more for economics.

Also on a side note any ideas who owns or maintains the other litecoin forum which is rammed full of spam daily.

Pls suggest a name for the category.

“Marketplace” should do the job, if its gets busy can break it down to goods, services etc.

Just have to be a bit careful as may need to be moderated to stop spam.

It’s just created.