Accidently transferred to LTCU address instead of LTC

Hi, I accidently transferred LTC to LTCU. I also feel, the transaction is not confirmed.

So,please revert the transaction if possible as soon as possible.
The transaction ID is 0e4fe2aeba777b90a0d643aff9caf0c8b89ee83591c63cfa11ae063ff6c8eef4

Please help me as soon as possible.


we cant revert the transaction for you you have to done it ur self

That LTCU address is of myself., When that address doesnt exist in LTC, then it can be reverted back,

Please help.
I mean, I deposited LTC coins from to LTCU in I was supposed to do this for LTC in cryptopia exchange
I understand that the LTCU address assigned should have not be assigned to any LTC account.

So, please help and fix my issue.
I am also a Software engineer. But when address doesnt exist, please revert…

Plz help, it is my hard earned money


in blockchain no have any transaction can be revert sir

Hello Xue,
I didnt understand your reply.
I understand that, it cant be credited to LTCU as it is a LTC coin.
It has got credited from my Coindelta Exchange, and also, it has not received in Cryptopia exchange as LTCU.
So, I feel it is hanging in Litecoin database.
I request you to please arrange for reversal.


hi shankar ,

you have to wait for ltc to go back to ur account , we cant help you make a reversal .

Hello Xue,

Thanks for the reply. How much time it may take get back to my account.
Any Idea. Or anywhere else I can put my query and get it resolved.


72 hours normally

Hello @ShankarBT

This transaction wil not “go back”, if you check the transaction on the LTC explorer it was confirmed.

I dont know how the LTCU addresses is set up, but looks to me that the LTCU addresses are valid on the LTC network.

I think you just send your coins to somebody (or nobody) in the LTC network.

Sorry but, your as far as I know there is not way to recover your coins.

Hello @pguerrerox,

I understand you. Can you please check how are these addresses get generated. Is there any chance that, an address of LTCU can be an address of LTCU. If it cannot be, then I can ask the support team of the exchange to let the LTC get transferred to my LTC wallet. I have raised the request to them now. Hope they will get back to me as soon as possible.