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I just joined and would like to know how I can buy litecoins

Hi everyone. I’m new here. :wave: I would be glad if smn will compass me on this forum. I have one question. Have you ever faced with bitcoin trading bot?

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Hi! I also want to know about Litecoin.

me too im new

Litecoin, the lite version of bitcoin… has the great potential to grow immensely…!

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In a few significant aspects, litecoin differs from bitcoin. First off, compared to bitcoin, it is mined far more quickly, with an average block being verified and uploaded to the network in just 2.5 minutes. This speeds up transactions and should reduce the cost of sending LTC.

The total number of Litecoins that can ever be mined is 84 million. Given that the cap is four times that of bitcoin and that transactions happen more quickly, some people, like litecoin’s creator Charles Lee, believe that LTC might be a superior form of payment to bitcoin