Abandoned trade, less coins returned

could anyone tell me how its possible to recieve less back than was sent in an abandoned trade? i originally sent 168 ltc to my new trezor wallet from an outdated litecoin qt wallet that needed upgrading,i never recieved in new wallet and thought all was lost, it sent without a fee so understandibly didnt get mined, i eventually was pointed in direction of blockchain site were i found the unconfirmed trades, panic over, so i am currently syncing new wallet and was told how to abandon unconfirmed trade, i done this and 141.8 ltc of the 168ltc shows back in my newly syncing litecoin core wallet,will this anomaly correct itself once my wallet is fully synced or have i lost 26.2?
maybe i should wait till fully synced as still 22 weeks behind…

its ok now its all arrived back in wallet