A4+ LTCMaster or L3+ Antminer

I’ve been mining with an A4 Dominator for a while. Now I’m looking to upgrade. I saw the A4+ LTCMaster is pretty much the best on the market but it’s about double the price of the L3+ Antminer.

My plan was to buy 3 A4+ LTCMasters (MOQ) and sell two to cover some of the cost of the third, which I would keep and mine with. But now I’m starting to think I might be better off buying two L3+ Antminers.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on these miners? Or on buying miners in general that might be helpful?

I’m leaning toward the A4+ because I’m thinking it’ll last longer and have a higher resale value.

Anyone else who lands here: I decided buying the A4+ was not the best idea.

I floated the A4+ idea in this thread and someone gave some good feedback: A4 Dominator 280mh Group Buy (3 min) at $1800 (1 yr roi) anyone?

Settled on getting 1 L3+ for now. Just not enough power to justify the cost of a single A4+ over an L3+ (A4+ is double the cost). Putting the rest of my funds into LTC for now figuring that’s a better investment than 3 A4+ units :robot: