A4 Ltc master, where to buy from

I’m new to litecoin mining and have done abit of research recently, wish I had of got into it earlier.

I want to invest in a A4 Ltc master and start mining or try and learn how to at least .

I went over to http://www.innosilicon.com/ but it says minimum 50 units, I’m only after one at the moment. Can you guys recommend where I can get one from. I did go on alibaba and spoke to someone that said $3550 for one unit. Not sure if it’s dodgy or not?
I’m in Australia (Perth)

Thanks for your help.


I’m guessing you’re not interested

I have had good experiences buying other things (LED bulbs) on Alibaba. It’s not so dodgy if the seller has a good rating. The shipping times can be long, my things took over a month. I would confirm with the seller how long the shipping will be before you buy.

Also, confirm with the seller which batch they are selling you, the earliest batches (November batch) require the firmware to be upgraded. Ask for the “Build Date” of the firmware to confirm you’re getting a machine with the latest firmware, should be a date after 2017.11.24. If it’s before that date, you’ll have to get a TF card and update the firmware on your own which is a pain IMO.

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Thanks for the info, so do you know of any online shops selling the A4 LTC master. Seems impossible to find at the moment.

@Litecoincreep I didn’t answer yesterday because I had used my maximum amount of messages in one day and had to wait 24hrs before being able to message again. Are you still selling your A4 LTC miner

Yes. I am still selling

Email me, elizabethcam2@aol.com

I do not.

If I were you, I would watch eBay and wait until one goes up for bid at a price point that you feel comfortable with. Avoid overpaying for a machine. Don’t fall victim to fear of missing out (FOMO).

I held back on buying more miners in the fall and instead put most of my USD into LTC. Then in December (still remember it was the 12th when LTC was at 350 USD) I turned some LTC into A4+ units. I really lucked out since the price has since pulled back but the moral of the story is, it’s better to wait then to overpay for a rig. I think you could probably wait a month or two and save on the price they’re going for now on eBay which is like 4.5K - 5.5K USD.

Generally, I think now is a risky time to buy. There’s a combination of rising difficulty and falling prices which makes me nervous. If the price continues to trend downwards and the difficulty does not change, you will see miners going up for sale at lower rates. It’s a seller’s market for A4+ and L3+ units right now since they’re in short supply and high demand. That will change in the next month or two IMO.

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Yes I understand what your saying, I’m in Australia there’s a couple on eBay but they want $7500aud.

Maybe I’ll do what you said and hold off awhile, I’ve never mined before so I’m still trying to get my head around it and I’ll keep on doing research in the meantime. It’s all new to me but wish I had of done it at least 12 months ago, oh well you never know what the future holds and the price litecoin is at the moment maybe nothing to what it could be in the future…hopefully

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