A4+ LTC Master For Sale

I have two Innosilicon A4+ LTC Masters available for sale.

Specifications put the machine at 620 MH/s for 750W. I’ve had one of these machines since mid-November and it hashes closer to 680 MH/s normal mode and 715 MH/s overclocked. I ordered a few more recently and have a surplus since the minimum order quantity was larger than what I have room for in my data center.

I’m asking 25 LTC for one or 40 LTC for both (power supplies and shipping included in the price). These units are from the mid-December batch.

Email me if you’re interested: shepardblue@protonmail.com



I’m with you on that, I’m selling one too. You should post proof

Thanks for the tip @Litecoincreep

Email me for that.

@Litecoincreep is a scammer! He stole 3k from a guy named shajeet in New York! Took his ltc an didn’t send the miner

Not true, text me if you want proof any future buyers. I have sent every miner after paymrnt


Sounds like competition is lying to get sales lol

Nah man I actually sold a miner to a guy up in New York and he was very skiiddish about doing the deal because some guy named “@litecoincreep” ripped him off on here and didn’t ever ship the miner he paid for! He stole 13 ltc from him I’ll post the conversation to prove it!


Wow so he is on there too? I swear and I have no reason to lie at all! I can send pics of the miners I am selling! It’s just crazy that I post on here trying to sell my L3’s and then this guy litecoincreep comes out talking ■■■■! It’s just strange because last week I sold one to a guy from New York who sent litecoincreep 13 ltc tokens for a miner and the second he received the coins creep disappeared and was never heard from again until I get on here! Wow so he really is creeping hard…I can assure nobody should trust him!

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I got vouched by a buyer and the Florida buyer got his item

Hard to know who to trust these days

I think it’s easier to trust no one.

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Well I’ve bought from litecoincreep before, she’s not shady at all. It’s just people make mistakes. But do I trust her for another purchase? Ofcourse it’s just people need to stop trying to take down their competition, search bitmains post, he is a fake “authorized retailer” apparently he needs to stop

This thread has turned into something far more interesting than I could have ever expected.

My point exactly, this forum was chill and no problems. Now people are coming trying to fight competition. I’ve been lurking for a while and finally pulled the trigger to buy and sell!