A4 Dominator/L3+. Shipping and Trustworthiness

haven’t mined for years (5x gpu miners). Sold half in the first boom to $45 to pay for school and have been holding my second half. I see litecoin is finally getting some traction and I’m in a financial position to invest in a miner for fun

I’d like to get a nice asic. But when the bitcoin asics were released i know there was a lot of trouble with fake companies, shipping that took half a year, etc.

Are innosilicon and vitamin reputable companies? The A4 Dominator is at 280mhs while the L3+ is at 500mhs for roughly the same price. But I haven’t been able to find any reviews that people have received either.

A4 from innosilicon seems as if it’s in stock but at the bottom it says first come first serve. I contacted support regarding stock and shipping times but no response.

L3+ doesn’t ship until 15-25 of July, but as far as I can tell they said that in May and those may orders are now pushed back to this July batch which presumably would put my order in the batch after that toward the end of the year

Are there any reliable miners out there that are actively shipping with product in stock?!

Here is a thread that should make this decision very easy:

To sum up everything I know about the A4 and L3 (and L3+) it goes something like this. The earlier batches of A4s (batch 1 and batch 2 I believe) had firmware issues and such, which have since been corrected. A4 customers seem generally happy at this point, as far as being able to order miners and run them without major issues. Innosilicon has product in stock ready to ship.

On the L3 (or L3+), you can expect orders to show up late (see thread link above). Once you receive an L3(+), you can then expect major issues. After major issues and shipping back and forth with China, you can expect even more issues.

For what it’s worth, I do not own either one of these, but it’s obvious which one I’d go with. It’s too bad, since everybody would love to have the less expensive MHs with lesser power consumption.

Nice job on timing the LTC market by the way.

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You’re fantastic, thanks! Im going to place my order today.

I definitely feel a bit late to the party.

I started out early mining bitcoin as a youngster and moved to litecoin when I was in college. I really got attached to litecoin and the community. I was somewhat forced to cash out to pay bills and got lucky that it was right during that $40 bubble. then life happened and I got distracted–didn’t mine anything for a solid 4-5 years and basically abandoned the conmunity.

Been wanting to get back into it but just never could be bothered… and then my alerts went off the other day stating it hit $15 and I remember it being only $3 a couple weeks ago. But late to the party but I’m hoping I can still manage to stash a few hundred coins by the end of the year to hold for years to come.

Great thread here thanks